Sunday, 25 June 2017


     Canada is a massive country, and with that size comes great diversity. To sum it up, the east coast is natural, colourful and Atlantic. Quebec is a melting pot of culture, almost completely french but still retaining to historical Canadian vibes. Ontario goes all the way from country plains to the concrete city of Toronto. Then there is northern Canada, an arctic land vast and almost uninhabited. Western Canada is scarcely populated as well, maybe not compared to the rest of Canada but against the world it sure is. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, are all flat and farm land. Their people can drink young and drive even earlier, over here in British Columbia we are all jealous of that.
     A couple towns away from Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean, Maple Ridge, BC is my home. 80,000 people and half of them drive a truck. The summers are hot and the other three seasons are rainy, we never get snow but, except for the summer, it is always freezing cold.
     Being so close to a big city has its pros and cons. The pros are you can take a small trip and see where everything is happening. The beach is there, the restaurants, people, events, parties, everything is there. But that is also the down side, you have to take a small trip to see anything. Not much happens around here, nobody really does anything. Bad or good it is the truth. Then summer comes out and the warmth brings the people outside and together.
     the greatest thing we have going for us is the landscape. Nature is right in our backyard, untamed and wild. If one day you decided to go walking north you would end up in the arctic 2,000 kilometers away before you hit civilization. However, you don't need to go that far to experience what we have. 
     Being close to these mountains means we have some of the best hiking trails in the world, Dog Mountain, "The Chief" you might have heard of them, and if you haven't you're missing out. I'v seen views off of the tops of mountains that would be fit for art galleries. spending a couple nights away from town camping in those woods is even better..
     Camping is everyone's favorite thing to do around here and it really shows. You can't walk a block without seeing a camper on someones property. A 15 minute ride will take you to the most beautiful lake, and with mountains towering over you, in a perfectly dense forest you can find a quiet place to sit around the camp fire and read or you can experience some danger. 
     The water is always filled with speed boats towing water-skiers and crazy people tubing. The cliffs look like they where built for jumping off of and impressing your friends, from the kid jump to the notorious "Running Man" everyone takes a plunge and resurfaces smiling. Nobody is in the woods to monitor your play, no police bring boats or even drive up that way and the rangers are scarce and always the nicest people. Families and teenage cliques alike all drive up to Alouette Lake and come back with great stories.
     Alouette is not even the only playground that we are lucky enough to live next to. We have mud flats for 4x4ing, rivers for fishing, and secret lakes deep in the woods that friend groups never speak of. When summer comes, when warm weather comes, everybody is outside with a new energy that they love to express after the cold, dark, rainy months we had for so long beforehand.
     Canada is so well known for its natural beauty, and for good reason. With such space there is bound to be a couple nice places. Along my journey I hope to see so much more. I'm sure my little town does not have the most awe inspiring views I will every see. When I do find that view I hope to share it with all of you. Covering so much land on my road trip, there is a good chance I will get my chance.