Friday, 23 June 2017

The Road Trip

     Many people get to go on vacations, relax and have fun but not many people get to truly explore. My name is Wolfgang and i'm going on the adventure of a life time, one of the longest road trips possible. When you turn 17 years old in Canada you can get your license and that's exactly what I did. I have a car, a backpack and a lot of motivation, that's all i need to drive from Vancouver, Canada all the way across two continents to Cape Horn, Chile, so I'm doing it. Feeling the freedom of the open road and making friends along the way I will get to experience parts of our world so many can't.

     I am not certain how much time i will spend, what I will do, or even the route I'm going to take, but I know I will learn. The years I have spent in the same place doing the same things I wouldn't say were wasted, I went to school and ran around with my friends, but different experiences are just that... different. If you do more, if you see more, you will know more, you will smile more. Follow me on my trip and lets share this experience.

     It is so rare for people to do this, It's a long drive, and dare I say it, goes through countries some people are scared to go through. I know however I will be safe. People are inherently nice and I will meet so many. I love to meet and talk with new people, making friends is great and it really puts it into perspective coming from a town of a couple thousand people knowing that there is 7.5 billion people out there that i haven't met. That's what pushes me to do this, there are so many stories out there, I'm just one of them, I want to hear the rest.

     Not having so much money I will have to survive a lot off of the kindness of strangers, Well, these strangers won't be strangers afterwards. So many bloggers just won't get into there personal finance but I will. I have exactly $5,100 for this trip and that will do. It took me half of a year washing dishes at a pub to save it up but it was all worth it. I have a 1996 Cavalier that I fixed up as well and that cheap little red car will be my ride the entire way.This is not an expensive trip in any sense of the word; you could do this too!

     This venture isn't just a driving lesson. I'm undergoing this to learn so much and to share it with the world. I will be traveling from Canada through America, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and finally Argentina in that order; learning about their culture, history, environment, fashion, food, daily lives and so much more, no class could teach anyone these things.

Come follow me on this journey!

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